Planning Tools and Calculators

The challenge of meeting your retirement goals is a lot easier when you have tools to help you estimate how much you'll likely need to save over the long term to reach your objectives. And once you know how much you should be saving, you can determine how that contribution amount will affect your take-home pay.

Retirement Planner
Use this calculator to estimate your retirement savings and analyze whether you are on schedule to meet your retirement income needs.

Saving for Higher Education
Determine whether your college savings are on track and, if not, how much you may consider investing each year to reach your savings goal.

Growing your investment

Estimate how much money you will earn from your investments over time, based on the amount of money you invest and the expected rate of return.

Governmental 457 Contribution Limit Calculator
The governmental 457 deferred compensation plans have permitted two catch-up provisions that allow participants to contribute a greater amount than the normal maximum contribution amount in effect for the year. This calculator will help you determine the maximum contribution to your governmental 457 Plan.