Spend Down Advice

Retirement planning doesn't end at retirement. Even after a lifetime of saving and investing, you still need answers to questions such as:

  • Have I saved enough for the income I'll need?
  • Could I outlive my savings?
  • Will my current investment strategy get me to my income goals?

With Empower Retirement Advisory Services ("Advisory Services"), you not only get the answers to those questions, but you also can get the help of professional investment experts in designing a plan to meet your retirement income goals.

When you participate in any of the Advisory Services options (Online Investment Guidance, Online Investment Advice or the Managed Account), you are provided with the added benefit of Spend Down Advice, which assists you when you retire and begin taking distributions from your retirement accounts.

The Spend Down Advice feature illustrates how long your desired income will last in retirement and determines how much sustainable income you can spend throughout your retirement years based on your wealth, your spouse's wealth, and each of your respective retirement time horizons. Best of all, you don't have to be an expert – financial or technical – to take advantage of Spend Down Advice.

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